Hotel Alekto

Guest Information

Phone Number Reception: 03731 7940

Dear guests,

thank you for choosing us. Smoking is prohibited in the entire hotel and apartment area. This smoking ban also includes smoking from the open room window. For disregard a special cleaning fee of 150.00 € will be charged.

A negligently caused fire alarm with fire service is subject to a charge (approx. € 500-1500). These costs are invoiced directly tot he originating guest.

Thank you.

Brandschutz im Hotel

Fire Protection

Once arriving for your stay, get informed about the location of your room, the stairways and emergency exits, fire assembly points, fire alarm system and fire extinguishers.

Find more information to this topic in the linked pdf document.

Any Questions

Call reception.


You will find a laundry bag, order form and price list (without guarantee) from the external laundry service in the wardrobe. Please deliver your laundry at the reception to 09.00 a.m. at latest.

Also we can wash and dry your laundry in our hotel. It would be ca € 17,00 (without ironing) per laundry bag and you will get the laundry back the same day, or maximum the next day.

Extra Blanket And Pillow

For extra blanket and pillow contact the reception. 

"Do not disturb"

If you need a rest, simply hang the „Do not disturb“ sign outside your door.


Are welcome in our hotel (€ 10.00 per day, excl. food).


Access to our luggage storage area is through reception.


Please check out until 11:00 a.m.


You will find information about Freiberg and its surroundings at the reception. Our reception team will be glad to assist you. You can also take a further look on our "Explore Freiberg" page.


Our bar, located in the restaurant, is closed at the moment. For cold drinks and snacks we have a vending mashine in the foyer.


Contact the reception between 06:00 a.m. till 10:00 p.m.


A modern phone is available for you with whose help you can make your own phone connection at any time.

  • To get a connection for local calls and long-distance calls please dial the 0.
  • The telephone charges will be registered. You have to pay for it at departure.
  • To call guests intern dial their room number please.
  • If you want to receive a call from outside the caller have to dial (+ 49) 3731 794 + “your room number“. 

The function key has the following function:

  • A - Reception and wake up call
  • 53 - enter the wake up time by yourself / four digits (e.g. 6.30am => 0630)
  • 54 - Delete all wake up times

Useful Addresses

Our address book with useful information. You can also contact the reception.

Stadtverwaltung Freiberg
Amt für Kultur-Stadt-Marketing
Schlossplatz 6
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 273-658

Tourist-Information Freiberg
Schlossplatz 6
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 273-664

Banks, Post Office

Commerzbank AG                                        
Platz der Oktoberopfer 6                               
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 3540-0

Freiberger Bank eG
(Volks- und Raiffeisenbank)
Korngasse 7-9
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 374-0

Deutsche Bank AG                             
Platz der Oktoberopfer 5
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 2654-0

Sparkasse Mittelsachsen
Poststraße 1a
Tel.: 03731 251184

Platz der Oktoberopfer 1
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 0228 55005900

Santander Bank
Petersstraße 36-38
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 798370

Emergency Numbers

Polizei: 110
Rettungsdienst: 112
Giftnotrufzentrale: 0361 730730
Ärzte- und Apothekenbereitschaft: 011500


Agricola Apotheke
Bahnhofstraße 16/18
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 26960

Obermarkt 23
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 22301

General Physician

Dr. Landgraf
Bahnhofstraße 16
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 22127

Dr. Michaela Hanausek
Bahnhofstraße 43
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 31266


Dr. Jürgen Schreiber
Frauensteiner Straße 59
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 775551

Dr. Christian-Helge Schreiber
Bahnhofstraße 13
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 2077630

Child Physician

Frau Dipl.-Med. Kathrin Schmidt
Karl-Kegel-Straße 71
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 76069


Donatsring 20
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 77-0


Dom St. Marien
Domgasse 6
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 22598

Petriplatz 1
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 34188

St. Jakobikirche
Dresdner Straße 1
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 211126          

St. Johannis
Anton-Günther-Straße 16
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 247859

An der Nikolaikirche
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 200270

Car Dealerships & Workshops

Franke und Moritz Automobile GmbH (VW/Audi)
Brander Straße 71
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 678-0

Autohaus Birkner (Citroën)
Lößnitzer Straße 43a
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 22864

Autohaus Winter GmbH (Kia)
Häuersteig 29
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 68110

Autohaus Malz GmbH (BMW)
Häuersteig 25
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 6767-0

Schloz & Wöllenstein GmbH & Co. KG (Mercedes Benz)
Dresdner Straße 58
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 2600-400

Autohaus Fugel (Honda)
Häuersteig 10
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 7986-0

Car Repairs and Service

AutoCrew Blumstein
Anton-Günther-Straße 20
09599 Freiberg
Tel: 03731 248954

Junited Autoglas
„Flinke Scheibe“

Dresdner Straße 35
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 210892

A.T.U. Freiberg
Häuersteig 10a
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 690137

pitstop Freiberg
Chemnitzer Straße 15
09599 Freiberg
Tel.: 03731 200236

Car Wash

IMO Autopflege GmbH
Brander Straße 40
09599 Freiberg
Tel: 03731 72726

Petrol Stations

Tankstelle ESSO Station (Gas)
Dresdner Straße 41, 09599 Freiberg

Tankstelle ESSO Station (Benzin/Diesel)              
Dresdner Straße 40, 09599 Freiberg (B173 in Richtung Dresden)

ARAL Tankstellen 
Brander Straße 55, 09599 Freiberg (B101 in Richtung Annaberg)
Leipziger Straße, 09599 Freiberg (B101 in Richtung Siebenlehn zur A4)

JET Tankstelle 
Olbernhauer Straße 46, 09599 Freiberg (B101 in Richtung Annaberg)