Hotel Alekto

Art Nouveau on the outside - living in style on the inside

Our hotel in Freiberg/Saxony is the largest hotel in the silver town of Freiberg, with 52 friendly, modern, comfortable rooms and 16 apartments for short and long stays. The hotel also has a car park with around 60 parking spaces and an e-charging station for electric vehicles, as well as conference and banqueting facilities and a lift that provides barrier-free access to all four floors.

Thanks to our central location and direct access to all means of public transport, you can easily reach all the places of interest in our beautiful 850-year-old Silver City.

History of the Hotel Alekto

Cutlery factory & Greek mythology

Hotel Alekto in Freiberg is a historic hotel in a building dating from the early 20th century. The building was built in 1906 as a cutlery factory. The building was later used as an office and court building for the city of Freiberg and takes its name from Greek mythology. The three Erinyes (goddesses of vengeance), also known as the Furies, are figures from Greek mythology responsible for vengeance and punishment. Daughters of the goddess Gaia and the god Tartarus, they are often depicted as sinister, winged women with serpentine hair. Their names are Alekto (fury of unforgiving vengeance), Megaera (fury of envy and jealousy) and Tisiphone (fury of blood vengeance and destruction). Together, the Erinyes were responsible for hunting down and punishing criminals and murderers who were unrepentant.

Atlas, the Greek god who had to carry the world, also comes from Greek mythology. The name of the hotel is meant to be symbolic of the history of the building, which was once used as a courthouse and now serves as a place of rest and relaxation for guests.

In 1993, work began on the conversion of the factory building into a hotel, which is a listed building due to its Art Nouveau architecture. Since opening in August 1995, the hotel has become a popular destination for business travellers, individuals and families.

Town festival on 05 July 1925

Excerpt from the article in the "Freiberger Anzeiger" (09 July 1925)

"More than 1,000 gold-plated mocha spoons alone were used for the "ALEKTO-Silver" lettering on the globe, which wrapped around half the equator like a ribbon. About 3,000 different spoons were used for the company's lettering on the coach. In total, more than 10,000 different pieces of cutlery in about 1,000 different models were used to decorate the float.

The float, led by four armoured knights on horseback accompanied by their four lansquenets, embodied the trademark of the company "ALEKTO". The globe carried by the giant "Atlas".

This globe is still part of the building and logo of the ALEKTO Hotel. The float had to be dismantled immediately after the festival because there was no place to put it. So the only proof that it really existed are the photos above.

Historical Freiberg

Photos from a long time ago...